Andy Silvey

Personal Trainer and Fitness INstructor


After finishing his A-levels Andrew joined the Royal Marines Commandos in 1991 and spent fourteen years serving with them all over the world.

In 2005 Andrew left the Marines and joined a charitable company called Skill Force for three years teaching 14-16 year old pupils a non vocational syllabus.

After three years educating youngsters he then answered the call of the sea and bacame a Maritime Security Liaison Officer ensuring the safe passage of commercial shipping throughout the world's High Risk Areas for 8 years. 

February 2016 saw the official launch of Andrew's Personal Training, Health and Fitness company Andali Fitness.

Andrew  has accrued a unique understanding of how to adapt to extremes of environment, temperature, available space and levels of equipment and is able to bring this flexibility and adaptability to his training sessions ensuring that his clients' programmes and his exercise circuits never become stale and mundane.

He has enjoyed boxing, running, skiing, cycling, circuit training, weight lifting and kayaking in the services completed the gruelling 125 mile 'Devizes to Westminster' kayak marathon and run the Dunfermline half marathon.

He is a firm believer in functional fitness and his training methodologies have been proven to help clients gain improvements in functional movement and fitness in order to live a more fulfilling life.

Equal to exercise itself his biggest passion is working with people and helping them to experience the fun and exhilaration of working out and being fit. 

He is empathetic to the concerns people have when embarking on an exercise programme and the associated doubts that they might have. He is able to help clients overcome these worries and re-engage with exercise.


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